What keeps IT leaders up at night?

IT professionals are faced with numerous obstacles. New technology trends appear on the horizon giving rise to new dangers. Pressures mount, leading to restless nights for IT leaders.


Security concerns, lack of resources, IT skills gap, a lack of competitive edge – issues that race around an IT leader’s head. However, fundamentally, what keeps IT execs up at night is knowing that the organisation has the potential of becoming more agile, but does not have the infrastructure, or set up to allow for it.


It is important to focus on organisational efficiency that drives processes and operations. At the same time, innovation could be key in breaking the mould. And often, organisations are not set up for this kind of adaptability.


Knowledge of these issues is something most IT leaders have. But most just leave it on the table. It is high time that they act on these issues.


Whether it is through the likes of enterprise mobility, or application management, think creatively on how to adapt to these issues. What is available? Which technologies can assist? What can be implemented?


Frank Mulcahy


Over the last 15 years Frank has been involved in several successful start-up technology companies that solve major business challenges using enterprise technology thinking. Frank is a strategic thinker and is often invited by media and vendors to comment on emerging Industry trends and technology market direction.