Improving your organisation’s security posture, protecting your organisation’s data and enhancing compliance with the new laws

Improving your organisation’s security posture, protecting your organisation’s data and maintaining compliance with the new laws

Today, people create, store and share data in many locations.

As workstyles become more mobile, people are accessing & storing data in third party clouds, at home, on mobile devices, as well as at work, creating significant concerns for business managers and security teams. The challenge is to introduce robust security without impeding staff productivity. The Modern Workplace requires modern security techniques for Access, Universal Threat, Data and Anomolous activity, with real time reporting.

Compliance & Risk Management


Organisations need the right security solutions to mitigate risk to the business and ensure the optimum security posture. Ask our security team for advice

Data Security management


With people accessing data on the move, it is critical to maintain data security posture. Ask us about our modern security techniques

Data Loss Prevention


Recent Australian and overseas legislation require organisations to take reasonable steps towards protecting their data. We can help your business develop a practical DLP strategy and implement DLP tools.

Data Governance


Who should have access to your systems and data? What is your data lifecycle and retention criteria? Ask us for expert advice

Data Classification and Labelling


Data needs to be appropriately classified and labelled to ensure the content remains secured regardless of where it ends up. Let us help you discover your sensitive data and develop a data classification framework.

ASD Essential 8


The Australian Signals Directorate “Essential Eight” comprises 8 key technical outcomes that form the basis of a good security posture. Ask our experts to improve your security posture by implementing these today.

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