Experteq focuses on User Experience to deliver the ultimate in user productivity with the latest tools and automation

The Modern Workplace enables all staff to work optimally wherever they are, on any device. New productivity tools provide collaboration, communication and automation in complex business environments. These include Office tools, advanced reporting, workflow automation, data capture and advanced modern communications platforms. The intent is to enable staff to utilise any device to achieve maximum productivity, at the time of their choice, throughout their working day, in any location.



Modern Office suites enable staff to collaborate in new ways. We can help your staff reinvent the way they collaborate and share content with each other.



Communications are no longer confined to a desk phone. From meeting rooms to video conferencing while on the move, we help organisations implement communications solutions that enable the modern user to keep up with their day.

Analytics and Business Intelligence


Businesses require complex analytics and reporting tools that are simple to use. We integrate BI into productivity apps to blend ease of use with the power of BI.

Modern Office Suite Readiness


Modern productivity suites are consumed and managed differently from the past. We deliver readiness assessments to give IT teams a head start on their journey.

Process Automation


Automating complex workflows enhances user experience and saves time. We develop workflows on modern Intranets with a focus on user experience.

User Adoption


Managing user adoption is key to the success of productivity migration. From providing early life support to developing ongoing and on-demand training platforms, we reassure users that help is available.

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