Cloud services are flexible, highly available and offer excellent advantages to businesses. However they can often become expensive if they are not regularly optimised by experts.

Many organisations look to Cloud for more flexible ways of delivering IT services to their end users. However it is important to keep a sharp eye on costs related to Cloud infrastructure. Many organisations move their on-premise solutions to the Cloud in a like-for-like way, which can often cost many times more than the cost of the on-premise solution.

Optimisation (I/F, Architecture, SQL, Costing)


Our team specialises in rearchitecting infrastructure and business systems for the Cloud and optimising those solutions to minimise the monthly charges from public cloud providers. This can include SQL environments, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a aService (PaaS) and other supporting Cloud services. Keeping costs under control while maintaining maximum productivity is a balancing act.

Cloud Automation Framework


We specialise in automating the build and management of critical business system platforms, using the latest DevOps and Automation techniques to ensure high availability, high performance and rapid recovery. Ask us for a free workshop to discuss your requirements.

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