Network & Voice

A robust, scalable, high-performance network is critical to delivering modern IT services to end users. Voice is a primary business tool and is critical to businesses everywhere.

Connecting people with the IT services they need to do their job is one of the key functons of an IT department. Delivering Voice, Applications, Data and other IT services are only possible with a robust, secure and reliable network that enables access for end users from any location, at any time.

Network Infrastructure (Cloud, Physical, Software defined, Wi-Fi)


Network infrastructure is no longer confined to physical buildings. Software Defined LAN and WAN networkng solutions are developing at a rapid pace. Wi-Fi is mandatory for most buildings and campuses as many end users utilise mobile devices as part of their working day. Businesses require ultimate flexibility where end users can access the network across a range of devices and locations in order to perform their roles.



Software Defined LAN and WAN have become the norm in many organisations, where high-speed networks, security and flexibility are a requirement to serve end users with IT Services. Many organisations prefer to give end users the option of local Internet connectivity rather than accessing information via the enterprise datacentre. This requires new thinking and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is the perfect way to enable this for the end user.

Load Balancing Solutions


To meet peak load demands of end users, businesses require a way to scale and balance the load across multiple servers, websites and/or applications. Doing this dynamically, in the cloud or on-premise, is the optimum way to ensure access and excellent performance for all end users. Leveraging the latest Cloud technologies makes the task simpler and more robust.

Teams Telephony


As many organisations implement Microsoft Teams for their businesses, they are looking to Teams to also replace legacy telephony, conferencing and call centre solutions. Using Teams for this purpose drives a higher return on investment in Microsoft 365 and ensures the stability and performance that only the Cloud can provide to customers.

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