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From Planning & Secure Deployment to Training & User Adoption

Why Teams?

As organisations around the world race towards digitally transforming their operations, there are a lot of critical steps and opportunities that can be overlooked, leading to security risks and inefficiencies.

Microsoft Teams is the foundational and premier element needed to provide complete communication and collaboration solution from Microsoft. It includes critical functionalities, including chat, video conferencing, and collaboration as well as integrating with Office 365.

One of Teams biggest benefits is the ability to customise and integrate beyond Office 365. Teams enables seemingly endless possibilities for delivering the right tools to the right team, regardless of line of business. Successfully integrating the right tools into your Teams platform is as simple as partnering with someone with the right knowledge to implement your custom solution requirements.

Why Experteq?

Experteq, in collaboration with Microsoft, provides the essential end to end Microsoft Teams solution for Australian organisations. From planning and deployment through to training and user adoption, the Experteq team will implement Teams and to enable your organisation to leverage this powerful tool in your transformed Modern Workplace.  

Our End to End Microsoft Teams Services


Deploying any new productivity, or communications solution has profound implications if not carefully implemented with extensive experience. Professional planning is critical to understanding each step of the transformational journey and ensures a smooth and secure transition for your staff and the work they deliver daily.


Deploying Teams into your organisation may seem like a simple process, but integrating such a powerful application (and unlocking its efficiency and cost savings potential) can be a complicated ordeal without the adequate experience in Teams deployments. 


Eliminate cybersecurity flaws and mitigate threat vulnerability in your organisation by securely incorporating Teams as your organisation’s communications and collaboration foundation. You no longer need to use other potentially vulnerable standalone software. Fewer access points = less chance of a cyber threat.


Are you an expert in your local jurisdictional legislation around data residency? Got your head around all the software licensing that is being paid for, and what is up to date? You need professional experience in compliance to smoothly deliver your digital transformation.


Teams is a powerful tool that integrates into all kinds of other applications delivering additional services, functions and resources for its users. Integrating this new tool and its many functions and processes with an organisation’s staff can be a daunting challenge. Utilising someone with experience providing training resources is critical to ensure the transition to Teams is a success.

User Adoption

Even if Teams is successfully deployed, integrated across systems and staff trained, your digital transformation can still ultimately fail if its new users do not adopt it. The values of Teams to end-users, and not just the organisation as a whole, needs to be a focus to ensure Teams empowers your organisation now and into the future without the threat of shadow IT.

We would love to discuss how Experteq and Teams can successfully transition your organisation into a digitally-transformed Modern Workplace.

See how the Experteq Team can help.

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