Modern Data Centre

The Modern Data Centre must be highly available, highly efficient and highly automated

Experteq DC

To deliver the Modern Workplace one must have a Modern Data Centre.

This is often a hybrid model of Cloud and on-premise technologies. Optimum IT service quality depends on the right technology mix and design. The Modern Data Centre must be totally reliable, secure, efficient, cost effective and adaptable. Excellent user experience can only be delivered from a modern data centre.

Hybrid Cloud

Build a private cloud, scale your services through a public cloud, or combine both into a hybrid solution. We create comprehensive platforms for private and hybrid clouds for our customers

Company App Store

Offering all corporate services to technology users from an intuitive catalogue of services. Authority can be automatically sought from the business service owner prior to granting access to that resource

Application Delivery Networking

Our solutions provide improved business agility, reduced server expenditures, improved business continuity and streamlined corporate risk management

Cloud Brokerage

Intelligent solutions that simply adoption of cloud services into customers’ current environments

Data Centre Optimisation

Load balancing, efficiency and security of Cloud and physical data centres


Has enabled a new generation of data centres with more efficiency, automation and availability for the most demanding workloads

Workflow Automation

Allowing us to model and automate business process empowering the business

Infrastructure Optimisation

Performance, Security and Efficiency management

Database (SQL) Optimisation

Cloud Services Optimisation

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