IT Service Augmentation & Management

Supporting customers through intelligent support & automation options that augment their current in-house capabilities

Improving your organisation’s security posture, protecting your organisation’s data and enhancing compliance with the new laws


It takes a modern approach in support to provide high standard of IT service quality in a continuously evolving technology landscape. Many organisations have gaps in their ability to design, build, support or operate the many technologies within their Modern Workplace environment. Experteq believes in Augmenting client IT teams, not replacing them. We believe that sharing information is the most effective way to encourage organisations to embrace the adoption of new technologies, processes and functions


User experience is the cornerstone of our strong technology management where we use continuous improvement and sensible automation to maintain high satisfaction, while driving operational costs down.


Our augmentation approach is an evolution of traditional managed services adapted to provide an outcome focused service through a modular and simple methodology.

Service Augmentation


The ability to call on skilled specialists when and how you need it to resolve, advise or implement technology is our augmentation service core function. The how, when, frequency, location and process are all tailored to the individual business. Some critical technologies need regular maintenance others change so infrequently or have redundancy that hi costs specialists are not needed to be on call. Our support options are designed to give flexibility in function as a balance of cost and business outcomes through a modular model that allows multiple technologies to be supported in the most economic but effective manner.

Managed Services


The goal of Being a true IT advisor to clients and partners has been possible through the building of a framework that transforms traditional managed service structures into an outcome driven service capability. This complete reimagining provides a closer collaborative engagement with our partner clients and ensures both value and continuous improvement of business outcomes.

Operational IT Management


Monitoring is the core of it management but at Experteq we combine this with automation, skilled support and artificial intelligence to maximise the effectiveness of our management teams. Automatic remediation, learning systems and tailored services provide a high quality service while allowing scaled benefits to our partners.

Operational Efficiency


Knowledge centralisation and sharing allows our systems and processes to improve operations of systems continuously as the improvements are implemented internally and across all out clients.

Patch Management is a key area of operational efficiency where we provide a comprehensive solution to deploy, monitor, check and remediate automatically reducing staffing requirements and increasing reliability.

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