Identity & Access

A Modern Workplace needs a strong efficient policy that empowers staff while securing corporate resources

Key to the mobile business user utilising organisational services is enabling and managing secure and seamless access. Access is about presenting applications and data to a person seamlessly.


At the same time, organisations need to ensure their information is secure and their systems can ensure a person is appropriately identified prior to being granted access.


Identity provides resources to people knowing that they have the right entitlements based on organisational policy or business approvals. It allows for a centralised view of everything an organisation needs to know about a person in relation to their services and applications.

Password Management


Self service password management empowers people to manage their own passwords while reducing load on the help desk. Let us reduce the load on your help desk by implementing SSPR.

Single Sign On / Federation


SSO improves user experience by enabling streamlined access to applications and services while improving security posture. Let us develop an improved user experience for your staff.

Multi-Factor Authentication


MFA is the single most effective protection against identity-related attacks. We help organisations secure their Cloud and local applications and services with MFA.

Conditional Access


The security posture of a user can vary depending on their location or which device they are using. We help organisations implement Conditional Access to assess real-time behaviour patterns and apply the appropriate controls.

Policy Management


We design Policy Management systems that enable a consistent IT strategy to be applied to internal and external users, on corporate and BYO devices.

Company App Store


Service Catalogues enable staff to request additional applications and services from a list of available options which are controlled by workflow paths. Speak to us about implementing a service catalogue for your staff.

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