Identity & Access

A Modern Workplace needs a strong efficient policy that empowers staff while securing corporate resources

Key to the mobile business user utilising organisational services is enabling and managing secure and seamless access. Access is about presenting applications and data to a person seamlessly.

At the same time, organisations need to ensure their information is secure and their systems can ensure a person is appropriately identified prior to being granted access.

Identity provides resources to people knowing that they have the right entitlements based on organisational policy or business approvals. It allows for a centralised view of everything an organisation needs to know about a person in relation to their services and applications.

Password Management

Self service password management that empowers people to manage their own passwords and also reduces load on the help desk

Single Sign On / Federation

Support for open standards such as SAML and WSFED to enable access to resources

Conditional Access

Enforcing policy for devices and users prior to authorising access to company resources

Self Service Tools

Putting the technology user in control of services they consume and empowering them to manage some components of their own access and identity profiles

Company App Store

Offering all corporate services to technology users from an intuitive catalogue of services. Authority can be automatically sought from the business service owner prior to granting access to that resource

Multi-Factor Authentication

Providing greater assurance of the person’s identity when accessing services and assessing the risk associated with Authentication

Smart cards

Risk based Authentications



Workflow Automation

Allowing us to model and automate business process empowering the business

Policy Management

Enforcing Identity and Access policy to optimise security and efficiency of consumption of corporate resources


Monitoring and logging of critical transactions to ensure policy is being enforced

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