Hybrid Cloud

The Modern Hybrid Data Centre must always be available, highly efficient and totally Secure

A Modern Workplace requires Modern Hybrid Cloud. Its services must be highly available, highly efficient and highly automated


Hybrid Cloud is a mix of Public, Private Cloud and on-premise technologies. Optimum IT service quality depends on the right mix and design. The Hybrid Cloud must be totally reliable, secure, efficient, cost-effective and adaptable. Hybrid Cloud enables businesses to offer total flexibility to staff and business alike while managing flexibility and cost.

Multi-Cloud Solutions



Build a private cloud, scale services through a public cloud or combine both into a hybrid solution. We help identify the best fit for our customers

Cloud Cost Optimisation



As Cloud sprawl in many organisations becomes the norm, it is critical to review Cloud architecture to optimise cost regularly. Ask us about our cost optimisation solutions.

Cloud Infrastructure/Architecture Optimisation


Cloud offerings are constantly changing and need regular checks against business needs. Let us help you improve your service by reviewing your Cloud architecture.

Database (SQL) Optimisation



Database optimisation can yield significant performance improvements in business applications as well as a reduction in infrastructure and licensing costs. Speak to us about optimising your databases.

Application Delivery Optimisation



Applications can be delivered through a variety of methods. We help organisations determine the most suitable method and optimise to ensure the best user experience.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Business resilience is essential for all organisations. We help organisations identify their BCP requirements and develop solutions that exceed these requirements.

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A Modern Workplace requires Modern Hybrid Cloud.

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