Data Security Management

Collaboration and sharing of data is more widespread and simpler that ever before as people leverage Cloud services. Protecting that data requires modern tools and thinking.

Today, people create, store and share data in many locations. As workstyles become more mobile, people are accessing & storing data in third party clouds, at home, on mobile devices, as well as at work, creating significant concerns for business managers and security teams. The challenge is to introduce robust data security without impeding staff productivity. Modern techniques ensure that security policy travels inside all documents.

Data Governance

Managing data in the Modern Workplace is a challenge. Governance techniques must be reviewed and updated to cater for consumption of data by staff utilising multiple devices, from multiple locations, who have access to third party storage locations. Modern collaboration solutions enable end users to share information with people inside and outside their organisation. Good governance has never been more critical.

Data Loss Prevention


Recent Australian and overseas legislation require organisations to take reasonable steps towards protecting their data. Every Australian business needs to develop a practical Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategy and implement a solution that prevents inadvertent data loss.


Data Classification and Labelling

Data needs to be appropriately classified and labelled to ensure the content remains secure, regardless of where it resides. Appropriate security policy can then be enforced that corresponds with the classification of the document. Let us help you discover your sensitive data and develop a data classification framework.


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