Cybersecurity has scarcely been more critical than in current times. Organisations are under attack from organised, well funded professional entities who constantly develop new techniques in penetrating security boundaries.

The Modern Workplace requires modern security techniques to secure End User Access, Universal Threats, Data Protection and Anomalous activity, with real time reporting. Each day there are reports of organisations being breached and data being lost. Malicious attackers are developing new techniques in exploiting vulnerabilities of people, structure, process and work practices, to gain access to critical and sensitive information.

ASD Essential 8 (Patching, White listing, Backup, Encryption, Macros, AV, …)

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) has released their recommended key areas (Essential 8) that form a base level of security for any organisation. There are three levels of compliance within the standard and Experteq has extensive experience advising our customers on the best methods to uplift their organisation’s security posture to align with the top level of the ASD Essential 8.

SecOps (Proactive Threat Monitoring / Alerting / Remediation)


To combat modern Cybersecurity threats and attacks, every organisation needs a well designed Security Operations strategy that monitors and assesses threats across the attack surface, alerts appropriate people who need to be informed and, in many cases, automatically respond to the threat and secure the organisation against attack.

Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)

The core of any Cybersecurity protection strategy is a SIEM that captures all security alerts from the environment and can initiate action to address the alert rapidly. The SIEM allows security officers a platform to analyse trends and other activity from many different resources across the organiastion and make decisions in real time.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a significant tool in evaluating and combating security threats and attacks. In the Modern Workplace, organisations are vulnerable to malware, ransomware and other types of cyberattacks on a daily basis. The SOC team focuses on Cybersecurity management and includes analysts who determine the focus of a cyber attack and take steps, automated or otherwise, to address those attacks.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

The Network Operations Centre (NOC) is where technology and staff monitor and ensure that an organisation’s critical platforms, maintain optimum performance. The NOC performs many key support tasks that ensure uptime for those important business platforms.

Universal Threat Protection (Phishing, Virus, Crypto, …)

Every organisation in the Modern Workplace must implement appropriate protection against common threats and attacks. There are a number of security suites available that can guard against many malicious threats like AV, Phishing, Crypto and other common methods. A SOC relies on well deployed solutions to guard against attacks across device fleets and gateways.

Penetration / Vulnerability testing

It is advisable to arrange an external party to carry out Penetration testing and Vulnerability Assessments on a regular basis. This will enhance an organisation’s security posture and allow experts to analyse your current security posture and make recommendations to combat new or malicious threats. These key assessments are important to maintain robust defence against the ever growing threats that organisations face in the Modern Workplace.

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