Automated Patch Management

Automate the testing, remediation and reporting not just the deployment of system updates


Experteq Augment

Reduce the impact and risk of manual and auto deployment by ensuring smart automation of scheduling, testing and remediation. Customisable interactions dependencies and granular checks allow business applications to be tested to confirm operations and remediate issues while you sleep soundly. Escalation and reporting through automation to ensure simple and accurate visibility organisation wide with integrations available for service desk and other products.

Automated Patch Discovery

Scan your environment to asses current status of operating systems and installed updates


Updated Assesment and Reporting

At a glance visibility of current and required patches by systems, types, locations and custom groupings. Realtime reporting comparison against patching databases for each system updated with each scan of the network.

Customisable Automated and Release processes

Customisable capability to allow patches to be assigned a type and to be deployed to specific devices, groups or tagged items automatically. Specific types of patches or devices can be configured for manual confirmation.

Pre and Post System  Status Reporting

Snapshot reports of server status prior to patch deployment and automatic confirmation post to confirm success included with reporting of patch outcomes, event log summaries, server status reports and slack notifications.

Human Testing Through Runbook Automation

Granular runbook testing of applications, logons, web page access and server responses in addition to pre/post automation. The human-like runbook capability ensures the server running as expected not just running specific services as with traditional checks and reports. Runbooks can be applied to servers by type, tag, group or location.

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