Your 2022 Guide to the Modern Workplace in Australia


We are now entering a new era of the Modern Workplace. An era that has been redefined by the pandemic. And an era that is in a state of rapid flux and change.


In 2020, Australian organisations had to embrace remote work as COVID-19 gripped the landscape. As the dust somewhat settles, organisations have embraced a new version of work; be it remote work or hybrid work, to continue business operations.


The workforce wants to work from anywhere, at any time, leveraging any device. Organisations are reducing their physical footprint as they transition to digital ways of conducting all facets of their business. Keeping the workplace modern (read current, and constantly evolving to suit the environment) is now a mandate.


How you manage the modernisation will dictate how you acquire and retain staff; how you innovate; how you compete; and ultimately; whether you merely survive or thrive as a business.


This 12-chapter guide is designed to help your organisation develop a robust Modern Workplace strategy. It covers everything from preparation to staff management, to the ‘dark side’ of Modern Workplaces.


Start executing on your organisation’s workplace modernisation mission.

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