Transport NSW

Transport NSW


Customer is a new 25,000-seat centralised IT hub for NSW Transport agencies. The TfNSW organisation provides a full range of desktop and corporate applications to users across all agencies.


Experteq has retained under subcontract to NEC to deliver the entire EUC environment. The project streams can be described as follows:

Data Centre Design Review


SQL + SSRS (inc Storage Configuration, Network Management, SQL Policy, Group Policy, Security)

Windows Server 2016

PKI (inc CA Infrastructure, Active Directory Integration, PKI Management, Delegation Options, Certificate Configuration, Certificate Templates, Key Escrow)

KMS (inc DNS Configuration, KMS Hosts, KMS Clients, Activation and Auto-discovery)

MBAM (Administration Server, Database Instance, SCCM Integration, Client Deployment, Policy Templates, Group Policy)

XenApp / XenDesktop (inc Delivery Controller, Security Configuration, StoreFront, Receiver, Group Policy Configuration, Licensing Server, Profile Management (UE-V))

XenMobile (inc Access Scenarios, Authentication, Device Management Policies, Mobile Applications Policies, ShareFile, Infrastructure Integration)

NetScaler (inc Authentication, NetScaler Gateway Configuration, XenDesktop/XenApp integration, SSL Certificates, Monitoring, High Availability)

Direct Access (inc Core Infrastructure, Client Connectivity, Remote Access, Management, Routing, End-to-end Traffic Protection, Multi-factor Authentication, High Availability)

App Packaging / Wrapping

File Services (inc DFS-Namespaces and DFS-Replication, Offline Folders, VSS Snapshots, Work Folders, Backup, Anti-Virus, File Server Resource Manager, File Service Access – Group Policies)

Print Solutions (inc Directory Integration, Print Servers, Clustering, Fault Tolerance, Printer Pools, Printer Drivers, Spool Directory)

SCCM (inc Management Servers, Software Distribution Points, Settings Management, Network Access Protection, Out of Band Management, Operating System Deployment, Security Configuration, Remote Consoles, Site Boundaries, Patch Management (WSUS), State Migration, Application Catalogue, Reporting Services, Windows Deployment Services, Asset Intelligence Synchronization, Fall-back Status)

SCOM (Management Servers, Web Console Role, Gateway Servers, Auditing and Monitoring, Notification Systems, Database Server and Configuration, Data Warehouse and Reporting Server)

SOE for EUC Managed Devices (Win10), Thin Clients, Windows Servers

As-Built & Run Book Documentation

Automation / Orchestration


October 23, 2015


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