Is your Data Centre limiting your ability to transform?

In today’s digital age, the ability to achieve long-term success depends on your organisation’s capability to digitally transform. Successful digital transformation is determined by how well your organisation can incorporate and leverage emerging technologies to help improve productivity and efficiency.


However, in order for digital transformation to be successful, it must be built upon modern infrastructure. It must revolve around a modern data centre, that will help store, manage and keep data secure, in order to allow your organisation digital success.


The Modern Data Centre


In my opinion, the essentials of a modern data centre are:

  • 24/7, 365 accessibility of data, from any physical location
  • Robust and cutting edge data security
  • Efficient, cost-effective setup and management, that makes financial and business sense


So how can your organisation modernise its data centre?


The execution of a data centre transformation should really depend on your organisational needs. Should you maintain an on-premise solution, or perhaps migrate off-prem into the cloud? Maybe it’s a combination of both through a hybrid cloud solution. Should you move towards a hyperconverged infrastructure for flexibility, or stick to a more traditional approach?


These are questions that should be top of mind, and form the basis of your transformation plans, before your journey begins. This is what will ultimately create the alignment of the data centre transformation with your business objectives. Without a well thought out plan, misalignment is inevitable, leading to wasted resources, increases in costs, and a datacentre that does not fulfil its desired role.


The bottom line is that each organisation should begin their planning with a clear understanding of present and future needs.


Is your current data centre limiting your ability to transform? What modern data centre approach best fits your organisational needs for the present, and for the future?

Frank Mulcahy

Over the last 15 years Frank has been involved in several successful start-up technology companies that solve major business challenges using enterprise technology thinking. Frank is a strategic thinker and is often invited by media and vendors to comment on emerging Industry trends and technology market direction.