How well are you managing the Multi-Cloud Reality?

Increasingly, organisations are adopting a multi-cloud approach as a component of their digital transformation journey. Leveraging multiple cloud providers is not an exception – it is the norm. A significant percentage of companies are running workloads on more than one public cloud provider.


Multi-Cloud in the Enterprise


Multi-cloud has eventuated owing to several reasons. IT teams want to avoid platform lock-in. They want to work with the best cloud provider for a particular workload. Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and other cloud ecosystems each have their strong suits. And then there are a plethora of competitors offering innovative services, models, and pricing options as part of their play.


Enterprises are taking advantage of several cloud offerings by using the most apt cloud solution for specific use cases. Fact is – multi-cloud is a reality, and it is here to stay.


Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment


There is a dark side of working with an increased number of clouds. By adopting multiple cloud providers, you are essentially expanding the surface area for targeted attacks from cyber criminals.


So how can you make a multi-cloud environment a reality for your organisation?


Multiple clouds require a multifaceted approach to security. Solutions that will assist in the detection of threats, whilst seamlessly integrating with both the cloud and on-premise infrastructures, are essential to keeping your cloud environment secure.


As a CIO or an IT leader the question is – how well are you managing your cloud investment? How well set up are you to look after your multi-cloud environment?


Do you have a digital operations management strategy (and the tools) to monitor, manage and report on your cloud infrastructure?


Frank Mulcahy

Over the last 15 years Frank has been involved in several successful start-up technology companies that solve major business challenges using enterprise technology thinking. Frank is a strategic thinker and is often invited by media and vendors to comment on emerging Industry trends and technology market direction.