CIOs can’t do it on their own

We live in a time of copious and ubiquitous technology. We also live in a time of rapid evolution and growth of the technology landscape.


The phrase ‘just around the corner’ seems to be literally at every new corner. The horizon is littered with emerging technology that promises new benefits. However, this very same horizon also gives rise to evolved and improved breeds of cyber threats.


Luckily, we have a CIO that can handle this for us. This flawed approach has led to many things arriving on the CIO’s desk. But the underlying fact remains evident. The CIO can’t do it alone.


My take on the matter is that CIOs cannot approach digital transformation like a fiefdom and expect to be successful. The key for a CIO in adapting to this complex IT environment revolves around the relationships they build, both internally and externally.


My advice is to assemble a thought-diverse leadership team to help ease the burden. Build tight relationships with the entire C-Suite team to help ease strategy execution. And, don’t be afraid to create external partnerships to help accelerate innovation.


At the end of the day, CIOs are just one person and only human. Doing it alone is not the smartest move.


Frank Mulcahy

Over the last 15 years Frank has been involved in several successful start-up technology companies that solve major business challenges using enterprise technology thinking. Frank is a strategic thinker and is often invited by media and vendors to comment on emerging Industry trends and technology market direction.