Balancing User Experience (UX) and Security

Regardless of industry we all expect a seamless, intuitive, outstanding digital user experience today. As a service/product provider you now must deliver a frictionless, multi-channel customer journey which has an elegant, uniform UX. The digital journey must be aligned with any physical journey.


While digital transformation is now generally accepted as a must, those responsible for organisational security and risk mitigation must be cautious of the risks that digital transformation introduces.


Who are your legitimate users? Who is attempting entry to your organisation’s digital landscape with intent to harm? Are you providing a seamless UX for customers, but compromising security in the process? Or are you securing the organisation’s resources to the degree that staff cannot service clients well? Are you building digital trust while avoiding unwieldy identity proofing or physical identification?


Most important question – are you striking a balance between user experience and security, or is one being sacrificed for the other?


Frank Mulcahy

Over the last 15 years Frank has been involved in several successful start-up technology companies that solve major business challenges using enterprise technology thinking. Frank is a strategic thinker and is often invited by media and vendors to comment on emerging Industry trends and technology market direction.