21 Tips to Improve Microsoft Teams
User Adoption in 2021


Active Microsoft Teams user numbers have more than doubled, thanks to COVID, and this rapid increase in numbers largely comprises remote users who are new to the platform.


MS Teams needs a user adoption strategy if you want to see long-term success.


We’ve written an eBook, with 21 chapters on how to make Microsoft Teams a success in 2021. We cover everything from technical readiness, to training, to integrating your users’ favourite third-party applications with Microsoft Teams. Want good Teams user adoption? Have a read of our eBook.


This eBook is due to be released in early December 2020. Please register your details to receive a copy as soon as the eBook is published.


Ebook Outline:


Chapter 1 – An Introduction to MS Teams in 2021 | and why you need an adoption strategy
Chapter 2 – Start With ‘Why’ | What will Microsoft Teams deliver for your business?
Chapter 3 – Define your Outcomes and Success Criteria | Set SMART goals
Chapter 4 – Be Precise With Your Usage Scenarios | Create functional use cases
Chapter 5 – Are You ‘Technically’ Teams Ready? | Licensing and tech readiness
Chapter 6 – Getting Your Business Ready for MS Teams | Change management
Chapter 7 – The Best Team for Teams Success | Critical roles and responsibilities
Chapter 8 – The Early Adopters Play | The who, why and what of an EAP
Chapter 9 – User Training Rollout | Going from zero to hero
Chapter 10 – Develop Microsoft Teams Champions |
Identifying key Teams users
Chapter 11 – Communication is Key |
Drive awareness and engagement
Chapter 12 – Governance from the Get Go |
Good protocols aid adoption
Chapter 13 – Platform Management |
Adoption-friendly Microsoft Teams admin
Chapter 14 – Get Support Right |
Supporting remote work and Teams
Chapter 15 – Third Party Applications |
Integrate Teams with other popular apps
Chapter 16 – Third Party Hardware | Create a compelling audio-visual experience
Chapter 17 – Usage Analysis | Analyse Microsoft Teams utilisation
Chapter 18 – Analyse and Report ROI | Keep an eye on adoption
Chapter 19 – Teams Kaizen | On-the-job improvement
Chapter 20 – Ongoing Learning | Structured training sessions
Chapter 21 – Innovating on Teams | Keeping Teams business-relevant

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