Enterprise Mobility allows people to utilise Corporate Owned or BYO mobile devices to securely access corporate applications and data, in the data centre or the cloud. Device Management ensures that the device, applications and data are always secured, configured, updated and tracked by the organisation.

Device Management is often complex, considering technology advancement in the latest smartphone, mobile devices, desktops, laptops, hybrids, carrier wireless services and computing architectures. Add to this the constant change within an organisation’s business systems, policy and IT environment, and Device Management quickly becomes a major challenge. A well executed Device Management strategy can improve employee productivity, and also address operational and security risks.

Experteq has demonstrable experience in helping organisations implement successful Device Management solutions utilising the following services:

  • Mobility Strategy – The master plan on how your business will mobilise corporate resources for consumption from anywhere
  • BYOD/COPE – Managing the proliferation of personal devices that are being used for work purposes
  • Desktop Device management – automated hardware, software, security and configuration management
  • Mobile Device Mgt. (MDM) – manage, secure and administer mobile devices accessing corporate business systems
  • Mobile Application Mgt. (MAM) – provision and manage corporate applications and mobile apps on mobile devices
  • Mobile Email Management (MEM) – secure corporate email on mobile devices
  • Mobile Content Management (MCM) – secure access to corporate data on mobile devices
  • Virtual Mobility Infrastructure (VMI) – Present applications on mobile devices without the need for local installation, securely from your private cloud
  • Configuration Management – Facilitate centralised configuration for corporate mobile devices
  • Asset Management – Track and manage the enterprise wide fleet of mobile devices
  • Security and Privacy – Enhance and/or Develop security policy to allow maximum flexibility while ensuring corporate compliance
  • Lifecycle Device Management (Procure, Maintain, Dispose) – Taking the pain out of the logistics for getting the physical device to your staff and business partners