Identity provides resources to people knowing that they have the right entitlements based on organisational policy or business approvals. It allows for a centralised view of everything an organisation needs to know about a person in relation to their services and applications. For the mobile user, identity is key to ensuring the right information and services are presented based on who they are, where they are, and what they are doing.

Experteq Enterprise Mobility has a strong track record of delivering Identity services and understand the evolution of identity management to provide a self service view and empower the business to take control of their services whether internal, hosted, or cloud based. Our services cover:

  • Provisioning – The capability to synchronise account information across multiple endpoints
  • Workflow – Allowing us to model and automate business process empowering the business
  • Self Service – Putting the user in control of services they consume
  • Self Service Password Reset – Taking password resets away from the service desk and empowering the user
  • Identity Governance – Modelling roles across an organisation’s applications and ensuring compliance with policy and rule sets
  • BYO Identity – empowering users to use the identity they want, to access services provided by an organisation