Key to the mobile business user utilising organisational services is enabling and managing secure and seamless access. Access is about presenting applications and data to a person seamlessly. At the same time, organisations need to ensure their information is secure and their systems can ensure a person is appropriately identified prior to being granted access.

Access strategy is a way to create a seamless user experience and provide organisational assurance that services are protected to a level appropriate to the application. Experteq provides access solutions including:

  • Cloud Brokerage – Seamlessly connect to multiple cloud applications
  • Federation and SSO – Support for open standards such as SAML and WSFED to enable access to resources
  • Strong Authentication – Providing greater assurance of the person’s identity when accessing services and assessing the risk associated with particular authentications
    • Smart cards
    • OTP
    • PKI
    • Risk based Authentications
  • Network Access Control – Ensuing that people can only access environments to which they are entitled, and from authorised endpoints
  • Rights Management – Protection that stays with the data regardless of location
  • Policy based access – Ensuring people only access resources to which they are entitled